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  Fourgen Restaurant POS Management Systems

Speed up your service and increase profits with a Fourgen Restaurant Point of Sale System!

To be a successful Quick Service or Fast Food Restaurant, you need the ability to process orders as quickly as customers are ready to give them to you. You need the ability to keep track of orders in process, to quickly receive payment and to modify orders without hesitation and without messy handwritten notes.
Why waste time and money running your business with a traditional Fast Food Cash Register when you can increase both your top and bottom line with one of our fully customizable, ready-out-of-the-box Fourgen Restaurant Point of Sale Systems?

What can a Fourgen Restaurant POS System do for your business?

. Reduce employee theft

. Increase ordering speed & reduce customer wait time

. Reduce order errors, thus reducing waste and increasing the bottom line

. Easily keep track of inventory, purchase orders, and time & attendance

. Produce detailed custom reports on nearly every aspect of your business with the press of a button